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March 2014 Archives

Minnesota same-sex couples facing tax crunch like all others

Minnesota has been one of the American states to have given due legal recognition to gay and lesbian marriages. The traditional notion of heterosexual couples being the only married couples is no longer the only possibility envisaged in the family law prevailing in the state and same-sex partners are gradually receiving more societal acceptance in the inclusive environment.

Minnesota responds eagerly to lifting ban against gay marriages

While marriage is perceived as a time-honored commitment to a relationship, not all forms of the relationships between couples have managed to obtain such acceptance. As time has passed, however, different forms of marriage, such as that between a same-sex couple, and even domestic partnerships have begun to crave recognition by society and law. Questions such as whether gay marriages are legal and whether the couple can receive post-marital benefits have always been a source of debate in the realm of family law.

Are fathers' rights violated in child custody decisions?

One of the hardest situations to cope with can be when a father or mother is deprived of the custody of his or her child. Not only may it lead to a complete breakdown in the relationship between the couple concerned, but it may also not be healthy for the child to be deprived of the benefit of being close to his or her parents while growing up.

New report shows divorce rate at all-time high

As with any other difficult trial in life, going through a divorce can at times be a very isolating experience. However, thanks to a new study from the University of Minnesota, those experiencing a divorce might be less alone now than ever, which is both comforting and sad at the same time.

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