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Mediation is better than high-conflict child custody disputes

It is only natural that many parents in Minnesota want custody of their children after a divorce. They may try anything to keep the children, occasionally leading to a high-conflict custody dispute. However, children may also be affected by the child custody battle. A recent short film, Talk to Strangers, shows the effect of high-conflict custody disputes on children and discourages parents from engaging in such disputes.

Many parents do not receive child support in the United States

Residents of Minnesota may agree that divorce is especially complicated for a couple with children. The parents may have to decide on child custody, visitation plans and child support. Although these are different issues, they are linked to one another. Emotional disturbance and financial needs may change perspectives for each spouse. While the child custody order may ensure that the child gets the benefit of being raised by both parents, a child support order helps the custodial parent take care of the child's financial needs.

Beyoncé's father involved in another paternity dispute

Sometimes, a Minnesota father may not be ready to take responsibility of a child he may not think he fathered. A mother may not be willing to share custody of the child and may refuse to recognize the rights of the biological father. These cases are often solved with a paternity test. If paternity is proven, the mother will be awarded child support, while the father can claim child custody and visitation rights. Recently, a second lawsuit was filed against Beyoncé's father, claiming that he is the father of a four-year-old girl.

Same-sex marriages in America complete a decade

For a long time same-sex partners in Minnesota and the rest of the country have been fighting the battle to legalize their unions. A number of states, including Minnesota, have eventually legalized the unions between same-sex partners. However, there are still some states which do not formally recognize same-sex marriages, which may make matters difficult for those who want to relocate or whose families cross state lines.

"Divorcing" the marital home: Is it the right thing to do?

Divorce leads to not only a breakdown of the marital relationship but also to a division of assets. One of the biggest contentions in any Minnesota divorce is often the question of who keeps the marital house. Often, it is the man who leaves the marital home; however, that might not be in the best financial interest of the estranged husband.

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