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December 2014 Archives

Social Security benefits for same-sex partners now available

In August 2013, same-sex marriages were legalized in Minnesota, which conferred many theretofore unavailable legal rights to same-sex partners. Now, same-sex couples are entitled to Social Security benefits that a spouse has earned through his or her employment. After a divorce, the law provides same-sex partners with eligibility for many benefits, such as death benefits, disability or retirement claims and so on. A surviving spouse of a same-sex marriage can now apply for the benefits that may be available on the Social Security Administration's website.

A paternity case that may interest Minnesota residents

Many Minnesota residents are well aware that complications often arise when a child is born to an unmarried couple. While in some cases, the mother may not want to take care of the child, other times, the mother may try to prevent the father from establishing parental rights. Either way, the situation is fraught with complications and the child naturally suffers.

Why and when child support orders are enforced by the feds

When a couple divorces with minor children and one parent is given custody, the other parent is generally required to pay support to cover the children's basic living expenses. Child support orders and their enforcement are state matters, whether in Minnesota or Nevada. The federal government has limited jurisdiction over the enforcement of state child support laws and orders.

Divorcing in Minnesota? Consider speaking with us for options

A couple going through a divorce confronts a wide range of emotions, not all of which are grounded in love. True, hearts do break when a marriage falls apart, but the financial impact of a divorce can break more than your heart. The many aspects that must be settled in a divorce include property division, spousal support and child support, which all come with the potential to break your financial well-being.

Using early neutral evaluation to resolve divorce legal issues

Early neutral evaluation is an alternative dispute resolution process followed in Minnesota that is used to resolve divorce legal issues. This is a high-quality, confidential, prompt, affordable and voluntary process that is focused on reaching a satisfactory settlement for the parties. Unmarried parents, parents who are filing for divorce or custody and parents who already have a custody decree, but now have a dispute, can participate in this process.

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