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February 2015 Archives

Enforcing child support can sometimes be a daunting task

Many children and their parents in Maple Grove, Minnesota, are recipients of child support. Receiving this financial support is vital for meeting the various financial requirements for raising children, and if for some reason the money does not reach them, plenty of problems can occur. In fact, many custodial parents and their children in Minnesota have trouble making ends meet thanks to delinquent child support payments.

Obama clarifies position on same-sex marriage equality

Although Minnesota is among the growing number of states that now allows same-sex marriages, this new form of legalized relationship has not yet been adopted by more than a dozen states. On the other hand, changes in social attitudes and public approval of same-sex unions have changed dramatically in just a few short years, especially among younger Americans. The road toward full marriage equality has been bumpy, however.

Minnesota programs support responsible fatherhood

Historically, when parents were in battles over the custody and support of children, Minnesota courts tended to side with mothers, or what legislators and judges believed to be the more natural caregiver. The legal landscape of the last three decades has changed considerably, and now fathers are often considered just as capable as mothers when it comes to caring for their children - and sometimes more capable in certain situations. This new reality is often acknowledged in child-custody and paternity cases.

Should you create a DAPT to protect assets in property division?

Divorce can bring with it some complicated legal issues, including property division, which can cause major dissension. While prenuptial agreements have been traditionally preferred for resolving property division disputes in the event of a divorce, they still have their limitations.

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