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Attorneys can help same-sex couples interpret new laws

The legalization of same-sex unions is relatively new in the United States. Minnesota has recently enacted a law to help same-sex couples establish not only their intimate unions but to holistically address the various benefits that heterosexual married couples receive from marriages and unions.

How do Minnesota courts determine the spousal support amount?

Spousal support, or alimony, in Minnesota is based on the principle of equity. Under the principle, the family courts usually see to it that no one is financially or otherwise adversely affected due to the divorce.

Minnesota's new law for same-sex couples-Part I

Same-sex couples in Minnesota face some difficult issues that are usually not experienced by their heterosexual counterparts, such as discrimination and other similar social issues. Marriage laws that apply to same-sex couples and family issues that include child custody are so new and untried that their interpretation sometimes leaves room for confusion. In most cases, same-sex couples are compelled to consult legal professionals who understand the current law and procedures to be followed for family law matters, such as domestic partnerships, separation and divorce of married same-sex couples and child custody and support.

Child support delinquent fathers often face major obstacles

Non-custodial father defaulting on their obligations to pay child support to the mothers of their biological children have been not only a social and legal problem in Minnesota for decades, but also have put a lot of strain on the state's fiscal deficit. Stringent laws have been passed in an effort to encourage non-custodial fathers to pay their child support payments in a timely fashion. In some cases, delinquent fathers have been arrested for neglecting their child support payment responsibilities.

Advantages of signing Recognition of Parentage in Minnesota

In Minnesota, it is important to establish the legal relationship between a father and his child if the father is not married to the child's mother. The official state document that establishes this relationship is known as "Recognition of Parentage."

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