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Creative solutions for property division matters

The end of a marriage often not only breaks hearts but also impacts finances. For example, property division can leave an individual facing financial challenges. The property that a couple has accumulated over the years should be equitably distributed between the spouses, but that is often difficult to achieve

In such situations, a person may find the support of an experienced attorney to be very valuable. That attorney can help a couple divide the marital assets and debt equitably after the divorce. Terzich & Ort LLP of Maple Grove, Illinois, has extensive experience at handling family law matters, and we often utilize creative approaches to reach favorable solutions.

In fact, Minneapolis Law & Politics magazine has referred to the attorneys of the firm as rising stars in the legal field, and that reputation has definitely taken time to build. Our firm takes pride in our dedication to our clients, and we do everything within our power to ensure our clients' voices are heard.

Though we fight for equitable distribution of assets in divorce proceedings that does not mean that property division has to be equal. This is why it is imperative that a family law attorney assists a divorcing party in dividing debts and assets, including bank accounts, personal property, business assets, and retirement funds.

Our attorneys examine the property that a couple owns and segregate non-marital property that is not subject to property division. Any non-marital property, such as gifts received before or after the marriage, property bought before the wedding, and any property that was bought after the marital assets were valued after the divorce are regarded as non-marital property. Also, if there is a valid prenuptial agreement we will assess its validity and it applicability to property division matters.

The division of marital property requires the careful handling and skills a seasoned Minnesota attorney possesses. So if you are heading for divorce, please be sure to explore all your legal options.

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