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September 2015 Archives

How do Maple Grove parents explain divorce to young children?

For those Maple Grove parents contemplating or amidst a divorce, the first thought is usually of how the children will react. For any child whether three or 25 years old, news of a parent's divorce can be a shattering moment in their life. Teenagers and young adults may not welcome news of a parent's divorce, but often it can be understood as to why the parents are deciding to split up. For a young child this concept can be a bit over their head.

Same-sex partners need family law counsel, too

With the recent judgement of the Supreme Court to not limit the ability of same-sex couples to wed, it would follow that it wouldn't limit the ability of same-sex couples to divorce. However, this is nothing new since Minnesota has been recognizing same-sex marriages for a number of years now. There are many reasons that same-sex partners may be seeking separation, just as there are for straight couples. When it comes to family law decisions of same-sex couples, there are many questions that may need to be answered for Maple Grove residents.

How do biological fathers establish fatherhood in Minnesota?

A large percentage of Minnesota children born today are born to parents who are not legally married. There are many reasons for this change in traditional family structure, but there are ways a man can be named the 'legal' father of a child even if he is not married to the child's mother. The way a Minnesota man will go about this differs depending on his situation. One path will certainly be easier than the other, if the situation is in his favor.

A few questions and answers related to paternity-Part II

In Minnesota, it may sometimes be necessary to establish a father's paternity. In fact, the majority of paternity cases are filed to identify a child's father and establish parental rights and the right to child support. In an earlier post, the concepts of acknowledged and presumed fathers and how they may play a part in a case were discussed. This week, we would like to continue and expand on the question of fatherhood and paternity.

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