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Thinking of MN divorce? Three ways to prepare yourself

Couples who have gone through a divorce will tell you that it is a not a decision he or she made overnight. For many who make the tough decision to divorce, there was a chunk of time spent considering if this is the best choice. For many, divorce is the best option. However, all Maple Grove residents who are thinking of a divorce should prepare themselves in a few ways.

Considerations for 401(k) during a divorce

If you are one of the many Minnesota residents who have taken advantage of the investment a 401(k) offers, then you are wise. While going through a divorce, you may wonder how this asset should be divided if you and your spouse have not yet reached your time of retirement. 401(k)'s are specifically designed to be savings accounts for use once retirement age occurs. If this time has not occurred, there are ways to divide this asset without incurring penalties.

Sometimes, Minnesota child custody arrangements need modification

Child custody arrangements are usually the result of a divorce decree or custody arrangement. Sometimes two unmarried parents have reached the agreement in accordance with what they deem to be the best way to raise their child. When these arrangements are agreed to, they are often made based on the current conditions surrounding the parents and the child. In short, what this means is that child custody arrangements can become less beneficial over time, either for a parent or the child. If conditions change, the child custody arrangement may need to be modified in order to better address the child's best interests.

Reasons a pre-nuptial agreement may not hold up in court

Prenuptial agreements are agreements between two soon-to-be-spouses that are written out and signed prior to marriage. These documents can address just about anything, including property division, whether mediation or arbitration will be used in the event of a divorce, and child rearing decisions. However, it is possible for these predetermined contracts to be rendered invalid. How could a prenuptial agreement be seen as invalid in a Minnesota family court?

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