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Bitter MN divorce leaves ex-wife with warning for other women

Generally, Minnesota residents are known to be easy-going and amicable, which aligns with the well-known "Minnesota nice" description of the people in the region. But like anyone else, Minnesota residents go through the natural up and downs in life. For divorcing couples, this could mean an emotional and heated dissolution filled with divorce and spite. This is unfortunately the case for an Edina couple whose bitter divorce battle has already spanned four years.

We consider child's best interests in MN custody proceedings

Custody decisions are made in order to best benefit the child in the dispute. Some parents can forget this small detail when caught up in a disagreement with an ex-spouse or the child's father or mother. However, focusing on the child's best interests is what keeps Minnesota parents on track towards a workable custody arrangement. The legal experts at Terzich & Ort LLP can help reinforce the best interests of a child in child custody proceedings.

Non-residents of Minnesota can file for same-sex divorce

There are so many reasons that same-sex couples may decide to marry today. Believe it or not, there are also so many reasons that same-sex couples may decide to divorce. Whatever the basis is for separation or divorce, there are options for same-sex couples in the state of Minnesota. It is well known in the same-sex marriage community that not all states are as welcoming of same-sex marriage and divorce; however, that is not the case in Minnesota.

Can I relocate my family if sharing a child custody arrangement?

Many Minnesota families are living in situations of blended families or of single parent and child. There is nothing wrong with this family arrangement except for when a child custody arrangement may be getting in the way of your moving plans. If you have decided it is best for you and your family to relocate, it may need to be approved. There are a few ways to do this depending on the circumstances of the Minnesota child custody arrangement.

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