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Can a parent in Minnesota move with their child out of state?

It is not unusual these days for people to move from one state to another, or even to move across the country. For example, a person could be offered a better job in another state, or a person who has moved away from the state he or she grew up in, may later decide that he or she wants to move back to his or her home state to be closer to family. However, what happens in child custody situations where a custodial parent wants to move to another state with the child?

Genetic testing and establishing paternity in Minnesota

Children born in Minnesota deserve to know who both their parents are, even if they are only being raised by one parent. While establishing parentage when a couple is married is easy, as it is assumed the husband is the child's father, for unmarried couples, parentage must be established to name a man as the child's legal father.

Is there a 'perfect' time to file for divorce?

Some people in Minnesota may notice that certain months of the year have more divorce filings than others. For example, one study reports that August and March see the most divorce filings, while others report that January has so many divorce filings that "Divorce Monday" is a common occurrence experienced by many family law offices.

Same-sex partners wishing to adopt may still have difficulties

Same-sex partners in Minnesota, just like any other couples, may someday decide they want to start a family, and some feel that adoption is the right choice for them. After all, adoption provides a means to give a child a loving home where he or she can grow and thrive.

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